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Ensure Your Daily Operations Are Compliant

Our Pricing

Others hide their pricing to get your info before giving you the costs. Not us, we like to be completely transparent.

We charge $1,500 per month for ongoing compliance consultation. Some of the things we offer assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance audits to evaluate the performance of operations.
  • Providing education & updates on regulations related to BCC, CDPH & CDFA.
  • California Legislative updates related to cannabis.
  • METRC education and training

If you would like more information feel to email us: info@cannabispermits.com

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Cannabis Regulations Affect Your Daily Operations

Once you have finally climb the hurdle of local permitting and State Licensing it's time to begin operating your business. We have several businesses that we work with who have hired us to help them with the ongoing compliance that comes with operating a cannabis business.

The truth of the matter is obtaining licensing to get started is half of the battle. When it comes time to implement the capital you have to start your business it's vital that you make sure all of your procedures are in alignment with California Cannabis regulations. The rules surrounding cannabis business operations are very cumbersome and can be overwhelming for some.

Our goal is to help you understand these regulations and Implement procedures that will keep you compliant as you continue to operate. Whether you are looking for someone to rely on when you have questions or looking for help when drafting your business procedures, we can help you.

One of the things that makes our service unique is that we actually have experience operating cannabis businesses in California. We are not simply Consultants who help people get permits we are individuals who are active in the Cannabis space. We have run dispensaries, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. What this means is that we completely understand what it is like to go through a day-to-day operation as a compliant cannabis business. We can help you avoid mistakes and costly fines associated with those mistakes.

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Consultation on all aspects of the operation, such as:

  • Packaging and labeling of cannabis and non-manufactured cannabis products
  • Requirements for weighing devices and weighmasters
  • Commercial cannabis activity between licensees
  • Cultivation requirements for licenses
  • Seed production requirements for nursery licensees
  • Research and development requirements for nursery licensees
  • Cultivation requirements for processor licensees
  • Cannabis waste management
  • METRC, the State Track & Trace system, proper reporting and recording of activities.
  • Storage services
  • Storage of batches for testing
  • Packaging, labeling, and rolling
  • Net weight of dried flower
  • Testing arrangements
  • Testing sample
  • Re-sampling
  • Laboratory testing results
  • Quality-assurance review
  • Quality-assurance review for labeling cannabinoids and terpenoids
  • Licensed distributor to licensed distributor transfers
  • Insurance requirements
  • Inventory accounting
  • Records
  • Requirements for the transportation of cannabis goods
  • Required transport vehicle information
  • Transport personnel requirements
  • Shipping manifests

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