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We provide permit acquisition services in Monterey County, California. Whether you need a basic home permit or assistance with a substantial business project, we are here to assist you.

  • Cannabis Permitting & Licensing

    Permit Procurement

    Efficiently secure permits for your construction projects with our procurement service.

  • Electrical Engineering

    We provide stamped electrical engineering drawings tailored for permit applications.

  • Investor Due Diligence

    Learn about potential permit issues with a parcel before you buy.

California Cannabis License - Operational Support

How Do I Obtain a Construction Permit?

How to Become a Compliant Cannabis Business

Prior to the construction, placement, enlargement, alteration, movement, repair, improvement, conversion, or demolition of any building or structure, a building permit must be obtained.

  • Project Planning and Documentation

    A construction project needs thorough plans and documentation before submitting for a permit. This includes architectural drawings, engineering schematics, site plans, and any other necessary documents outlining the scope of your project.

  • Submit Permit Application

    A permit application must be submitted to the local building department or permitting authority. This application usually includes project plans, supporting documents, and payments. Avoid delays by completing and accurately applying.

  • Review and Approval

    Your application and plans will be reviewed by the permitting authority for compliance with local building rules, zoning restrictions, and other requirements. Revisions and corrections may occur multiple times during this evaluation.

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